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Cool Nintendo Video



Funny DSi Flipnote

This Flipnote is about 2 talking snails


Our site is going to have a re-modle. This theme will stay the same but we will be making changes throuought the next few weeks.

Schlitterbahn Update

So On Sunday we went to Schlitterbahn. Yesterday We went to Fiesta Texas. Today we are going back to Schlitterbahn. Their is 3 Parts of Schlitterbahn. Blast-Nof, Surfnberg, and The Original Schlitterbahn. We are going on a ride or 2 in Blast-Nof or Surfenberg. But today we are mainly going to The original Schlitterbahn.

Nintendo 3DS Preview

we have a video previewing the Nintendo 3DS.


Today I got a twitter. My username is chrisfromCCS. My name is Chris Jordan and the email I used is

Schlitterbahn Trip

Today I am going to Schlitterbahn. After Schlitterbahn on Monday I will go to Fiesta Texas. If I post later that will mean I have wi-fi so see ya later!

Black and white coverage

For black and white coverage go to

3DS Intro Video

This is my 3DS Intro video. For more information go to

3DS Overview

Well the E3 Convention is over and they did release stuff about it. To make it easyer watch this video.